Episode Guide

Credits, trivia & commentary-
Mark Phillips. 
Episode synopses-
Mike Bailey.  

Special thanks to 
Stephanie Kellerman 
for help in obtaining
episode screen shots.

Series Basics & Episode Landmarks.

Season One
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Season Two
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Season Three
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Season Four

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Eleven Days to Zero   Jonah & the Whale   Monster From The Inferno   Fires of Death
City Beneath The Sea   Time Bomb   Werewolf   The Deadly Dolls
The Fear-Makers   And 5 Of Us Are Left   The Day the World Ended   Cave of the Dead
The Mist of Silence    The Cyborg   Night Of Terror   Journey with Fear
The Price of Doom   Escape From Venice   The Terrible Toys   Sealed Orders
The Sky is Falling   The Left Handed Man   Day Of Evil   Man of Many Faces
Turn Back The Clock   The Deadliest Game   Deadly Waters   Fatal Cargo
The Village of Guilt   Leviathan   Thing From Inner Space   Time Lock
Hot Line   The Peacemaker   The Death Watch   Rescue
Submarine Sunk Here   The Silent Saboteurs   Deadly Invasion   Terror
The Magnus Beam   The X Factor   The Haunted Submarine   A Time To Die
No Way Out   Machines Strike Back   The Plant Man   Blow Up
The Blizzard Makers   Monster From Outer Space   The Lost Bomb   The Deadly Amphibians 
The Ghost of Moby Dick   Terror on Dino Island   Brand of the Beast   Return of Blackbeard
Long Live The King   Killers of the Deep   The Creature   The Terrible Leprechaun
Hail To The Chief   Deadly Creature Below   Death From The Past   The Lobster Man
The Last Battle   The Phantom Strikes   The Heat Monster   Nightmare
Mutiny   The Sky's On Fire   The Fossil Men   Abominable Snowman
Doomsday   Graveyard of Fear   The Mermaid   Secret Of The Deep
The Invaders   The Shape Of Doom   The Mummy   Man Beast
The Indestructible Man   Dead Men's Doubloons   The Shadowman   Savage Jungle
The Buccaneer   The Death Ship   No Escape From Death   Flaming Ice
The Human Computer   The Monster's Web   Doomsday Island   Attack
The Saboteur The Menfish The Wax Men Edge of Doom
Cradle of the Deep   The Mechanical Man   The Deadly Cloud   Death Clock
The Amphibians Return of the Phantom Destroy Seaview No Way Back
The Exile
The Creature
The Enemies
Secret of the Loch
The Condemned
The Traitor        

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