Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

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The Left Handed Man  Airdate: October 31, 1965

     A man warns Nelson to stop George Penfield from becoming Secretary of State, and thereafter dies at the hands of the title's left handed man, an operative of the wealthy and powerful Noah Grafton.  This operative has a
Secret footage of Noah Grafton and Tippi's father admiring unauthorized model of the Flying Sub.
Secret Footage of Grafton & Penfield

fake left hand that can be removed to expose a gun that fires poison darts, ergo his moniker.  The next day, Penfield's daughter Tippy (a stewardess) arrives at the institute to warn Nelson he must intervene against her father.  Even as the elder Penfield is aboard


Cabrillo departs Nelson just moments before being killed by the Left Handed Man.
Admiral Nelson at his front door, confronted by Cabrillo with the warning that George Penfield must not become secretary of state.

Seaview for an inspection tour, Tippy shows Nelson a reel of film proving the connection between Grafton (a known communist and crook) and her father.  Nelson immediately instructs Crane aboard Seaview, not to show Penfield any more secret equipment on Seaview.  Nelson also agrees to testify against Penfield's appointment, which surprises most of the crew, who view Penfield as qualified and amiable.  

     Later, with Penfield off Seaview, Nelson phones Grafton, who denies ever having met Penfield, a claim which is put-paid by the previously seen film of the two together.  
Next, the left handed man sneaks into NIMR and looking for Nelson, almost kills the Admiral's
Publicity shot of Barbara Bouchet prepared during shooting of The Left Handed Man.
         secretary, Angie.  Meanwhile, a newspaper headline sums things up: Nelson Denounces Penfield, Opposes President's Choice.  Tippy returns worried for her and Nelson's safety and tries to talk him out of testifying.  Next, Nelson sets up house-keeping on an otherwise unmanned Seaview, trying to smoke out the left-handed killer. 

    The ruse works -- the culprit is caught trying to sneak aboard Seaview.  Nelson and Kowalski  accompany the restrained killer to the airport for transport, when they in turn are captured and taken to Noah Grafton's remote mansion.  Crane commandeers the Flying sub to Grafton's estate in search of Nelson and Kowalski, where Grafton admits he's using Penfield as a front to corner power and control.  In a final confrontation between the Seaview crew and Grafton's goons, both Penfield and Grafton are killed, Grafton appropriately, by a stray shot from his left-handed man.

Dangerous, if cogerish Noah Grafton.   Angie tips off Crane that the Admiral's in danger.   Yep....the Admiral's in danger.
Noah Grafton.
       Crane and Angie (she's a cutie.)
     Nelson Rewarded with kiss.

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The Left Handed Man      

Written: William Welch
Directed: Jerry Hopper
Guest Cast:
Tippy Penfield..........Barbara Bouchet
George W. Penfield......Regis Toomey
Noah Grafton..............Cyril Delevanti
Angie.................................Judy Lang
Left Handed Man.....Charles Dierkop
Cabrillo......................Michael Barrier
Fred Lasher.....................Fred Crane
Henchmen...................Reggie Parton,
Roy Sickner, Edward Saenz, Jerry Brutsche
Newsmanís voice..........Arch Whiting
Pilotís voice..................Ray Didsbury

David Hedison, having just explained to Barbara Bouchet some scenes he'd like to see added to the script, illicits a NOW DAVID!
Barbara Bouchet and David Hedison kid around
between takes on "The Left Handed Man."

Mark Says: Slightly above-average suspense story with an exciting conclusion.  Barbara Bouchet makes for a fun heroine and Cyril Delevanti is perfect as the evil businessman. Many highlights, including a fantastic showcasing of the flying subís abilities (great special effects).  The story would have been a little better if Penfieldís character had been developed a bit more.  A note of trivia - the only episode where we see the house where Admiral Nelson lives.

Mike Says:  The season-two spy shows were entertaining, but even at the time of their original broadcast, I felt them imitative of The Man From UNCLE, and often not as well written.  That being said, upon recent reviewing, despite a pedestrian chase scene midway through, the show plays well.  Lots of different sets, back-lot "location"shooting and as Mark points out, fine miniature work really open up the story.  A great guest cast delivers believable performances as do, of course, the regulars.  Mark is right about Penfield.  The writer should have cut the midway chase scene and given us additional background on Penfield in its place.  
Big fight caps off episode The Left Handed Man.
Show's finale a wild melee.
The irony of Penfield's death displacing news of Grafton's death to page three of the newspaper makes for an excellent cap to the story.

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