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Cool limited animation model effect.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Production information and notes
by Mark Phillips,

Story synopses, Mike Bailey

Terror On Dinosaur Island    Airdate: December 26, 1965

Nelson and Sharkey bail out of the Flying Sub when it's struck by debris from an erupting island volcano that rises dramatically from the sea.  Seaview is damaged when rocked by associated sub-surface turbulence and in the course of saving his ship, Crane must order a lower section of the sub closed, sealing in crewman Grady.  The goldbricking Benson, who had conned Grady into switching shifts with him, blames Crane for Grady's death, and seems set on vengeance.  Seaview is beached for emergency repairs and Crane prepares a  rescue party to head inland in an effort to find Nelson and Sharkey.  Benson "volunteers" to go along.     

Very cool model shot of beached Seaview!
Outrageously good effects of beached Seaview. 

Crane restrains Benson.
Benson distraught at sealed hatch.
Dino eyes Benson.
Island dino eyes Benson (dinner)
Benson aims pea-shooter at nemesis.
Benson aims pea-shooter at dino!

Nelson and Sharkey soon discover that living dinosaurs populate this strange place, creatures whose presence confounds rescue and makes survival unlikely.  It's cat and mouse as to whether Benson or one of the giant beasts will kill first.  Fortunately for Crane, when Benson makes his move, Kowalski pretends to throw in with the errant crewman, and is able to wrestle away the would-be killer's gun.  Benson is eventually done in by island eruptions and a dinosaur.  Crane, Patterson, Kowalski , the Admiral and Sharkey meet up, and manage to make their way back to Seaview, which is backed out to sea just before the island once again sinks back below the waves.

Nicely dressed set (you seldom found this on Star Trek after the pilot episode.)
When Voyage had budget, it usually showed.

  Terror On Dinosaur Island

Written: William Welch
Directed: Leonard Horn

Guest Cast
Benson.........................Paul Carr
Grady.......................... Frank Graham
Crewman......................Ron Stein

Mark Says: This episode always gets unfairly rapped as lifting reels from Allenís movie, The Lost World, but actually, stock footage is very limited from that film.  There is exciting stock footage from some previous episodes but thereís also a lot of expensive new footage - the Flying Sub soaring over an island cliff, a dinosaurís attack on Seaview and some absolutely breath-taking shots of the Seaview literally beached on the island - outstanding miniature work!  All in all, a fun adventure, with lots of action.  Paul Carr excels as Benson, the unhinged crewman.

Flying sub in rare shot against land background.
Expensive new footage!

Great sets with mechancal effects.

Mike Says: Forget logic.  This story works on the level of "seeing is believing."  And you definitely get to see . . . a) an island rise from the ocean, b) Seaview beached on said island, c) dinosaurs, d) an erupting volcano, e) the island explode--and much more.  I personally like L.B. Abbott's lizard dinosaurs and have no problem with recycled Lost World footage.  Why they ever changed Paul Carr's identity from Clark to Benson--who knows?! 

He turns in a killer performance (so to speak) and bows out of Voyage in style (except for ghostly cameos in later seasons via stock footage. )  In the midst of all the carnage, there's a story with human motivation and dimension.  As site visitor Keri Teach recently pointed out, the developing character interactions between Sharkey and Nelson really start to show up in this episode.  I believe this is the one where the director came up short by several minutes and asked the two to improvise.  If so, they did, quite handily.  Bottom Line: Terror On Dinosaur Island--Mikey likes it.
Very cool miniature expoding island.
Island goes Boom!

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