Dome first seen in Leviathan seemed to pop up every other episode in later seasons..

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Production information and notes by Mark Phillips
Story synopses, Mike Bailey

Leviathan  Airdate: November 14, 1965

Nelson and Seaview are lured by Dr. Anthony Sterling to his underwater research station with the carrot that Sterling has tapped a fissure that leads to the earth's core.  The doctor's assistant, Cara Sloane is aboard, and soon has Seaview's salt supply peppered with a hallucinogenic compound that has the crew seeing monsters and giant fish.  Nelson correctly guesses the visions are hallucinations.  Sloane suggests they may have something to do with the fissure that Seaview is rapidly approaching.  Unknown to the crew however, the creatures they soon sight are real, giant mutations caused by eruptions from the pit.  Via radio, Sterling urges Nelson and Sloane to get to him as soon as they can; Nelson agrees to come ahead via Flying Sub.     

Nice splitscreen work from the Fox effects lab.
Nelson and Cara Sloane look up to Dr. Sterling. 

Big honkin fish   More big honkin fish.
Undersea photography at Marineland of Seaview with "giant" fish really worked well.

Upon arrival, Nelson is flabbergasted to find Sterling is now 12 feet tall, due, Sterling says, to exposure to emanations from the fissure.  On Seaview, Crane gets the drift when the sub is rammed by one of those "hallucinations."  When Nelson tries to contact Seaview to order that Crane seal the fissure, Sterling knocks him out with a chair and exits the facility.  Again exposed to the fissure's emanations, he grows to tremendous size and attacks Seaview on the sub's arrival at the site.  Before he can destroy Seaview, Sterling is killed by a timely eruption from the fissure and falls onto his own research facility, destroying it and the woman (Cara Sloane) who loved him. 

David Hedison always took his acting, if not the writing, seriously.
Crane barks orders during attack.



Written: William Welch
Directed: Harry Harris

Guest Cast:
Cara Sloane.................Karen Steele
Anthony Sterling..........Liam Sullivan
Parker..........................Mike Donovan
Reactor crewman........Phil Barry

Mark Says: This episode begins with true horror, as a luckless diver frantically tries to outswim a giant fish before being chomped to death in its jaws.  From there, we follow the Seaview’s perilous journey to an undersea lab.  Some of the giant menaces are questionable, including stock footage of a manta ray and a studio-made octopus that looks too sluggish to be dangerous, but the schools of giant fish surrounding Seaview are extraordinary and Sterling’s battle with Seaview is superbly filmed.  A very good script, and well acted by   Miniature photography at its best.  Too bad they had to keep the sweater on Sterling.
everyone.  My favorite year-two segment. 

Trick or treat.
A man with giant dental problems.

Mike Says: A darn good show.  Not only is the luckless diver seen chomped to death by a giant fish as Mark points out above, but we see this happen from the perspective of inside the fish's gullet.  Truly terrifying!  The effects of Seaview steaming along amidst the giant fish were accomplished by shooting the four foot model among the denizens of Marineland of the Pacific.  The script rings true, and there is an appropriate sense of tragedy about the tale.  As Voyage fan Ray Westafer reminded me, the music for this episode is just about perfect.  My only beef is with the goofy looking "wax teeth" stuck in the giant Sterling's mouth to make him look "scary."  Oh Well.

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