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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Episode Guide, Year One, show 14.
Production information and notes by Mark Phillips
Story synopses, Mike Bailey

Ghost of Moby Dick.  (Airdate: December 14, 1964)
Edward Binns at the wheel, Bobby Beekman in the rear. No, my name's not Monstro. Whale pursuit is a family thing. Whale EKG. Now this kind of weapon makes a guy feel like a man!

Bryce at wheel.

Gigantic whale in sight.

Bryce intent on readouts.

EKG of monster whale.

Bryce readies to fire probe.

Sneaky whale gets in position for big surprise.
Whale prepares to react.

As part of his research, Dr. Walter Bryce, aided by his scientist/wife and his son, aims to attach a high-tech heart monitor to the largest whale on record.  Things go wrong when the whale, once harpooned with the monitor, turns on Bryce's vessel and capsizes it, partially paralyzing one side of the scientist's body and killing his son. 
Ready or not, here I come. Let's see, how many splinters can I make?

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Good friends meet again.
A warm greeting of old friends. 

Walter's not the same, Harry.
"Walter's changed, Harriman."

Doesn't look like Mr. Funarama.
"Aren't you two chummy?"

The survivors are rescued and after recovery, Walter Bryce gains government assistance in acquiring the use of Seaview to hunt down his whale, ostensibly for scientific purposes.  Upon boarding, Ellen Bryce warmly greets Nelson but immediately warns him that all is not well with her husband, who seems to be, if nothing else, a bit on the intense side.  The voyage takes Seaview to the south Atlantic, and as time passes, Crane begins to bristle at the strain Bryce is creating for he as Captain, as well as for the Admiral.  Also stretching thin is the relationship between Bryce and his wife who has come to realize her husband is insanely intent on destroying the creature that took his son's life and maimed his own left side.  In the privacy of their cabin, Ellen confronts him about his intentions and his willingness to endanger the entire crew of the submarine for his own wicked revenge; he loses his temper as she accuses him of being the one who killed their son with his recklessness; he strikes her down in anger.

Ellen Bryce confronting her husband. It is this kind of real, human interaction, no matter that it be sad, that dissappeared from Voyage after season one. Not a happy woman.

" It was you who killed Jimmy -- and all the revenge in the world isn't going to change anything."

At this moment, Nelson announces over the intercom: Dr. Bryce, we're in it's back yard, within twenty miles of it. 
The Admiral, is of course, referring to Bryce's monster whale.  It is at this critical juncture in the story that the feathers really hit the fan.  Seaview's persistent pursuit of the creature does not set well with it, and the beast finally turns and rams the sub, to devastating effect. 

Holy crimonay--that's a darn big whale. Comin ta getcha! Control room disruption. Seaview heads for the bottom.

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