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Episode Guide, Year Four, Shows 9-12
Production information and notes by Mark Phillips
Story synopses, Mike Bailey

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Rescue  (Airdate: November 19, 1967)
     Seaview looks for a marauding sub while Crane cruises the depths in the Flying Sub hunting for an underwater installation that might be the marauder's base. When Seaview is attacked, Nelson responds and CPO Beach, a new man, oversees the preparation of two torpedoes that misfire. Crane no sooner finds the marauder's base than the Flying Sub is pounded to the bottom by a laser blast. Nelson must rescue Crane before his air runs out, but Beach confounds the rescue and secretly informs his base of Seaview's planned actions. Nelson finally figures out Beach is the culprit but is trapped in the escape hatch and almost drowned by the scoundrel before Sharkey sends Beach to a watery grave. Crane is rescued and the mystery marauder blown to bits.

Written: William Welch
Directed: Justus Addiss
Guest Cast
CPO Beach...................Don Dubbins
Beachís Accomplice.....Marco Lopez
Corridor Guard..............Paul Stader
Crewman......................Ronald Quay

Enemy sub from Rescue last
seen in Season Three's "The Lost Bomb".
 bluebul.gif - 266 Bytes

    submarine Vulcan

Marco Lopez: "I was never given screen credit on Voyage but it didnít matter, it was a joy to do and I loved working with Irwin Allen.  He was a very dedicated and loyal man and he later gave me roles in other productions, like The Poseidon Adventure , where you can see me listening to Gene Hackmanís sermon."

Mark Says:   Richard Basehart tried different ways to liven up his character and here he makes Admiral Nelson incredibly annoyed and grumpy for most of the episode. Even an exasperated Morton rolls his eyes after being chewed out by the Admiral. An exciting story beset by the usual inconsistencies (why is the missile room left unmanned when everyone knows a saboteur is loose aboard ship?) This was the first episode broadcast that used Phil Normanís new introduction, the sonar circle freeze-frame, and itís a gripping main-title sequence.

Mike Says:   Not only did this episode feature for the first time the exciting new opening credits Mark Phillips refers to above, but hey--no monster!!!   The mystery sub seen is the same one seen in season two's "The Lost Bomb" and much if not all of the footage is reused from that episode.  I have read elsewhere and seem to recall from the last time I saw this episode, that Beach has an on-board accomplice who is never identified and apparently still on board Seaview at episode's end.

Terror  (Airdate: November 26, 1967)
          Nelson, Sharkey and crewman Dunlap row to a small island in search of a research botanist who had radioed for help. They track down a man who mumbles about invaders, then screams and dies. Alien Orchids take control of Dunlap who opens fire on Nelson and Sharkey, then he too screams and dies. Unaware of the tie, Nelson returns with a mysterious orchid he figures may be tied to the deaths and the claims of invasion. All too soon, the alien plant has the crew fighting amongst themselves and takes control of Nelson, who sets the plant up in the reactor room and pulls the rods so thing can absorb energy and duplicate into many alien orchids. This time it's Crane who pulls a quickly devised weapon out of thin airóit shatters the plants and frees Nelson of the monster plant's control.

Written: Sidney Ellis
Directed: Jerry Hopper
Guest Cast
Dr. Thompson........Damian OíFlynn
Dunlap....................Patrick Culliton
Storage Guard..............Jerry Catron
Reactor man #1..............Brent Davis
Reactor man #2.........Thomas Brann
Reactor man #3.......Denver Mattson
Reactor man #4..............Paul Stader
Dr. Brinks.....................Bart La Rue
Crewman....................Ralph Garrett 


Look into my stamen, you are in my control, Admiral
Nogoodnik Orchid nails Admiral Nelson.

Invader planted on Seaview.       

Mike Says:   The plants in this episode are reminiscent of the similarly dangerous flora in the Star Trek episode "This Side of Paradise" and even more so of those in the original Outer Limits episode, "Specimen Unknown."   The threat posed by the deceptively beautiful and seemingly harmless plants makes an interesting counterpoint to rampaging rock beasts. 

Mark Says:  A routine story, although the scene where a furious and possessed Admiral Nelson is seen, standing in the escape chamber dripping wet, is memorable.

A Time To Die  (Airdate:December 3, 1967)
          On maneuvers, Seaview encounters strange effects including dinosaurs, a total eclipse of the sun when one isn't due for years, clocks that run backward and eerily, a complete loss of communication with the outside world. Nelson determines by the position of the stars, that they're a million years in the past. Further intriguing time effects occur, until Nelson, returning to his cabin, finds a funny little man who identifies himself as Mr. Pem. Pem, it seems, has mastered what he calls the most potent weapon in existenceótime, and he wants Seaview as a mobile power source to run his pocket-watch time booster. Nelson pretends to throw in with Pem, and as they're touring Seaview, casually instructs Crane to shut down frame 35, which unknown to Pem, houses the reactor. Nelson tricks him into the circuitry room were is killed (well, maybe) when he throws a high-voltage power switch. All that is left of Mr. Pem are the smashed and smoking ruins of his pocket-watch time-booster.

Written: William Welch
Directed: Harry Harris
Guest Cast

Mr. Pem..................... Henry Jones
Monster................. Dawson Palmer

                   Henry Jones played Mr. Pem bluebul.gif - 266 Bytes
     The devilous Mr. Pem kids with Nelson about the fate of the world.

Mike's says:  Henry Jones was a delight as Pem.  Like other strong guests such as Vincent Price and Alfred Ryder, Jones made the absolute most of the script (in this case, a merely OK script.)  Jones as Pem reappears in Voyage's very last episode.  On the down side--in this episode, more stock footage than usual.

Mark says:  Itís never made clear why Mr. Pem has Admiral Nelson watch three minutes of stock footage from "The Thing from Inner Space." The giant iguana peering through the observation windows is great but when a prehistoric bird buzzes over the Seaview, itís simply stock footage from a nature documentary.

Blow Up  (Airdate:December 10, 1967)
    With Seaview en route to rendezvous with the 11th Fleet out of Pearl, Nelson attempts to repair a leak in one of the missile fuel systems, and after a small explosion, is forced to use a new emergency breathing apparatus.  Recovering in sick bay, Nelson suddenly attacks Doc, then runs out and proceeds to act erratic and paranoid.  Driven at top speed by Nelson, Seaview begins to come apart and finally hull plates buckle and she crashes on the bottom, flooding several compartments.  Crane tries to support Nelson and the crew works to raise the sub.  Again seaworthy, Seaview gets underway with Nelson eventually locked in the missile room, preparing to launch weapons at the Fleet.  Crane is able to order a counter-missile fired, saving the day, and Nelson, after passing out, comes to, again himself and recovered from his paranoia.  Doc concludes it was the gas in the breathing apparatus that made Nelson temporarily crazy.

Written: William Welch
Directed: Justus Addiss
Guest Cast

          Basehart as Nelson draws
          a  dangerous breath 
bluebul.gif - 266 Bytes
   It's my asthma.

Mark's says:  Having Admiral Nelson go crazy was par for the course but I still have troubles with Crane giving in to Nelsonís feverish demands to dive the damaged sub (with catastrophic results).

Mike says:  It was always enjoyable to watch Nelson go nuts because Richard Basehart was such a fine actor.  However, by season four, his enthusiasm had flagged somewhat.  The direction of this, as with many later-season shows is somewhat pedestrian.   Big plot-holes in the writing.  The viewer knew darn good and well that Crane should not be putting up with the kind of tom-foolery Nelson lays on him.  There's too much at stake when you're trolling around in one of the most powerful weapons platforms on the planet.  Story editor Sidney Marshall should have demanded a rewrite. 

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