John Lupton as Bradley

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Production information & notes
by Mark Phillips.
Story Synopsis, Mike Bailey.

Terry Becker, of course, as "the chief."

The Lost Bomb   Original Airdate: December 11, 1966
Submarine Vulcan.
Submarine Vulcan, The Lost Bomb.

     Civilian bomb expert "Doc" Bradley turns up on Seaview, a big surprise to Sharkey, his old friend -- the two grew up together.  Bradley's supposedly aboard to help the men of Seaview in picking up and delivering a superbomb to an underwater installation.  But they soon detect another sub (the Vulcan) in the area just as it launches a missile which destroys the delivery plane.  Luckily, the bomb doesn't go off (if it did so, half the world would be destroyed), but rather crashes into the sea.  Attacked by the renegade sub, Seaview loses sonar and other sensors after a near torpedo miss.  While work begins to fix Seaview's ailing systems, Crane and Kowalski go out in the Flying Sub to try to decoy the Vulcan.  The ruse works when Vulcan's Commander   

Gerald Mohr as Athos Vadim.
Captain of the Vulcan,
Athos Vadim

Vadim and Captain Zane assume FS-1 is heading out to retrieve the bomb.  When they tire of the chase, they down the Flying Sub with a laser blast and retrieve Crane and Kowalski. 

This may actually be the first time FS-1 is depicted as landing on "that rock."
Vulcan about to "mate" with FS-1 in order to retrieve Crane & Kowalski.
Oops....Zane draws a bead on Crane & Kowalski.
Fired upon, FS-1 sinks to the sea floor.
Vulcan prepares to "mate" with FS-1.
Zane gets the drop on Crane.

Superbomb on the ocean floor.  They must retrieve and dismantle the bomb before it goes off.   It seems that not only do they want the bomb, they want to commandeer Seaview as well.  Meanwhile, repairs are effected on Seaview as the damaged bomb is brought aboard for Bradley to dismantle.  If they're not successful, the thing will eventually explode (a bad thing.)  While they're working, Sparks reports an unauthorized signal coming from the vicinity of the missile room. 

In the process of helping Bradley dismantle the bomb, Nelson notes that the heft of a key tool is wrong (too light) and looks at it more close, discovering a cover on the handle that slides out, revealing what is obviously a homing transmitter device. 

Sneaky electronics.
Nelson raises eyebrow, slides open hidden compartment revealing hidden circuitry.

Bradley turns white as a sheet, realizing that his cover is blown.  Sharkey loses it and decks his old "friend."  When repairs on the torpedo firing panel are effected, Nelson orders torpedoes fired at the Vulcan, from which Crane and Kowalski narrowly escape before it is destroyed. Nelson manages to defuse the bomb and Seaview sails into the sunset.

Proof Positive.  Seaview had forward firing torpedo tubes.     
  No forgiveness now.

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Publicity shot from Season Three's The Lost Bomb.
Gerald Mohr and George Keymas  

Written: Oliver Crawford
Directed: Gerald Mayer
Guest Cast:
Bradley...................John Lupton
Athos Vadim..........Gerald Mohr
Zane..................George Keymas
Beeo....................Gene Le Belle
Badar...................Orwin Harvey
Enemy crewman...Richard Geary


Oliver Crawford: Whether I was writing about people in outer space or underwater, the key to a script’s success was how you dealt with the people and their relationships to each other.   The special effects on Voyage were very good and they enhanced the story.  The series was made for entertainment and succeeded as such."

Mark Says: An exciting episode, which benefits from new optical effects and good action sequences. One of the more realistic year three episodes. (Music attributed to Alexander Courage.)

Mike Says:  Gerald Mayer is not a bad director and this episode benefits from that fact.  The effects are nicely done and the writing is OK.  For a year three show, pretty darn good.  But there is still the feeling that all the doings are merely the result of an attempt to eat up an hour's worth of broadcast time.  In season one, and possibly even in season two, Nelson (or more likely, Crane) might easily have asked at some point, what anyone would want with a weapon which would unselectively destroy half the planet.

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