Lots of animated ray, discharge and blast guns in season 2 give the episodes a more visceral feel than those that followed.
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Production Information and notes by Mark Phillips
Story Synopsis, Mike Bailey

The Deadliest Game  Airdate: November 7, 1965

Crane is with the President at the bottom of the sea on an inspection tour of a new undersea bomb shelter of Nelson's design.  General Hobson, whose company built the safe haven is on Seaview along with Nelson, monitoring events.  The reactor powering the undersea installation starts to run wild and it becomes apparent that the place is under some kind of electronic attack.  The trigger-happy Hobson wants to drop the hammer on the Ruskies now.  The President says no--that they have no idea where the attack is coming from.  Nelson and company trace the attacking signal to Weymouth Virginia.  Meanwhile, the highly placed Hobson returns to Washington, just waiting for the President's demise so he can order missiles fired.  Nelson,    

Lloyd Bochner as rogue general.
The pastily moustached Lloyd Bochner

convinced the attack is internal and a matter of treason, is out to get the proof.  In Weymouth, Nelson and Kowalski close in on a college book shop, the apparent source of the signal.  There, they encounter Dr. Lydia Parish who helped design the undersea shelter and who has secretly been abetting General Hobson with his attempted power grab and preemptive war.  Hobson shows up to make trouble, but to no avail -- Nelson is able to stop the transmitter in time and the President orders the arrest of the overzealous Hobson on charges of treason.

Admiral Nelson and a man who would be king. Robert F. Simon turned in a solid performance as the President. Seaview gets nailed by undersea beam. Audrey Dalton....she's baddddd....
Basehart & Bochner
Simon & Hedison
   Seaview & deadly beam.
      Dalton & books.

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The Deadliest Game     
Written: Rik Vollaerts
Directed: Sobey Martin
Guest Cast
Gen. Mark Hobson..........Lloyd Bochner
Dr. Lydia Parish...............Audrey Dalton
President.......................Robert F. Simon
Gen. Reed Michaels..Robert Cornthwaite
Sailor.......................................Ron Stein
Henchmen............................Dusty Cadis
                                  George Robotham

No longer primarily the scientist by this point in season two, Nelson passes out the hardware.
An admiral and his toys.

Mark Says: A lesson in how to disarm a great guest cast.  The usually excellent Lloyd Bochner is wasted as General Hobson, and he is limited to standing around and issuing sinister threats with a phony mustache pasted on his face.  Meanwhile, the great Audrey Dalton combines beauty and sensuous evil with a promising performance but she’s cut off before she can have much fun.  That leaves the capable Robert F. Simon, who delivers a solid performance as the President.  Otherwise, an incredibly dreary and boring episode, one of the real snoozers of year two.  Even the chase scenes look like they’re out of the Republic serials and scenes in a undersea reactor room seem to go on forever.  The episode ends with a whimper, not a bang.  One interesting note: this is the only Voyage episode, to my recollection, that actually mentions a contemporary, real-life person (Gen. Douglas MacArthur) and the events surrounding MacArthur’s controversial firing by Eisenhower.

Mike Says: To paraphrase a famous line in King Kong, "It wasn't the airplanes that killed the episode, it was writer Rik Vollaerts and director Sobey Martin."

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