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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Seaview Set
   Revealing Production Outtakes

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This unusual photo makes for an interesting first shot in a revealing series taken from contact sheets obtained on (yes) ebay.  For one thing, although Seaview was designated as USOS Seaview in the movie, and SSRN Seaview in the TV series, you can plainly see that in the pilot episode at least, on the gangplank leading to Seaview, she's designated as USS Seaview.

Although clouded by what appears to be a fog rising from the "sea," this is an interesting shot, because the staged nature of the water is readily apparent.  It's also fairly obvious that the full-sized sub used to create this shot was an older generic nuclear vessel, probably not built for the series. As usual, Irwin likely figured that no one would notice that the slope of the fairwater (conning tower) was completely different from Seaview's.  In this case, I think he was right.


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Here is what the final shot might look like.  Remove the camera boom, and the containment wall holding the  water from the shot, and you've got a view oozing with  verisimilitude.  The three photos on this page come from contact sheets of photos taken for historical record-keeping purposes of 20th.  If anyone  knows of, and is willing to share (or sell) these kinds of production out takes from Voyage, thebuilder of this site is always interested.

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