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  Filmed in slow motion with foam and bubble generators to imply scale, the 18 foot year one TV model (L) looks pretty darn good in this surface shot made in Fox's Malibu Ranch Sersen lake.  Color version, right.  
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seaviewfsllaunchgood.jpg - 10541 Bytes    The Flying Sub emerges from year two Seaview to carry the crew off on yet another adventure.  This device allowed the writers to increase the scope of the show and give them the ability to rapidly move the action of the story off the confines of Seaview. 

Another great
example of the
kind of special
effects work
that can be
using large
scale models
in underwater

   Submarine Seaview rising to the top

Year One TV Seaview below.  And unless my eyes are
doing something fuuny, in this particular publicity shot,
you can see one of the control lines angling down from
the bow of the boat.  To my knowledge, the only time
these lines were ever visible ON screen was in closeups
of torpedo shots. 

Blue Seaview

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