Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Mike's Models below (and model art.)

  Below, Mike's Lunar Models Seaview, Flying Sub & Diving Bell alongside of the Aurora version Seaview.  Right, a closer view of the built up interior of the Lunar observation deck.  For more models, visit Mike's Museum..  
museum_small_seaview_interior2.jpg - 11279 Bytes
voycol2seav1.jpg - 14320 Bytes

(from back...)

Lunar Models Movie version build-out.

Monsters in Motion TV Seaview with Flying Sub.

Aurora movie Seaview (1965).

Masterpiece Models resin TV Seaview

seaview_models_4.jpg - 26843 Bytes
And yes, the paint on each is a little different, depending upon my mood at build time.

model_box_orig_seaview_small.jpg - 5819 Bytes

model_box_reissue_seaview_small.jpg - 4650 Bytes

model_boxes_fs1_original_small.jpg - 3563 Bytes

model_box_reissue_fs1_small.jpg - 6129 Bytes


model_box_lunar_small.jpg - 5515 Bytes  

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of Model Box Art

  model_box_masterpiece_small.jpg - 4743 Bytes

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