Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Dramatic Polar Entrance

For an account from an ex-Navy man of just this type of maneu-ver,Click Here and then hold on to your hat. 

Emergency blow, or big-angle-surfacing maneuver.

bluebul_rotated_up.gif - 861 Bytes Computer altered to eliminate scratch and to correct colors, the photo above left displays Seaview's dramatic Arctic appearance at the beginning of the Voyage feature.  Inside, Admiral Nelson, Captain Crane, and the rest of the intrepid crew of submarine Seaview get a wild ride.  And what about Commodore Emory's shark tank?  Hope they had the lid on. 

     pickerel_battle_surface.jpg - 6643 Bytes
Here's a 50's-era view of the emergency
blow (big-angle surfacing maneuver.)
Polar surfacing before the stuff hit the fan, the Voyage movie.  
   The shot of Seaview at right and the one above are both from the 1961 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea movie and are perfect examples of what can be done with miniatures given the budget. Thanks to Scott Smith for this nifty colorized version of my black and white glossy. 

At right, a revealing shot of the 18-foot Seaview afloat in Fox's old studio lot Sersen Lake.  Something tells me that in Southern California, those "ice bergs" weren't really made of ice.  Effects footage for Voyage was among the last shot on this lake before it's demolition.  It was replaced by a much larger facility (seen below) built specifically for the movie Cleopatra.

Seaview afloat on the old Sersen Lake on the 20th Century Fox lot.

Seresen Lake on the Fox Ranch in Malibu.
   The new effects lake, also named after longtime Fox effects leader Fred Sersen, was built at the Fox ranch in Malibu.  Thanks to Edward Nassour, VP of Post Production for 20th Century Fox Television for clarification on this and other matters in this section of the site.

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