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Astounding 58 inches long, Deboer Hulls makes a top-notch Seaview.  This is a kit for the serious collector who wants only the best!  For some of you who don't have the time or skill to complete the kit, we now have a build up service available.   s


Moebius Models Seaview Box Art
New 39" Seaview Model from Moebius Models due late this year--(December 31st.)  Mike's got a feeling that this is the one.  Check out the preliminary cuttings of the mini-sub, diving bell and interior.  Wow!.   Link through to manufacturer Moebius Models or retailer Monsters In Motion

Moebius Models mini-sub.

  Recent issues of Film Score Monthly feature two parts of an article on the music of Irwin Allen productions with heavy focus on the TV shows.  Click on logo or magazine at right to go to Film Score's web site to purchase back issues and for other info.  You want Vol 6, numbers 2 & 3 for the Irwin Allen Articles.  As mentioned on this site's main page, the soundtrack to the Voyage Movie is now available from Film Score Monthly as well.

Link to Film Score Monthly

Link to Film Score Monthly Voyage order page

The soundtrack from the Voyage movie is now available in a limited edition pressing.  Great production and packaging.  As with all things coming from Film Score Monthly, this is a beautiful effort and worth the money for Voyage and sountrack fans.

Monsters in Motion Link    The 24" Seaview model from Monsters in Motion, though a tad spendy ($150.00) is well designed, simple to builld and comes highly recommended.  This link will take you to the Monsters in Motion Spaceships and Vehicles page.  Scroll down on your left until you hit the jackpot with our favorite submarine.  For a complete review of this new Seaview model, click here. 
     Plus--the new reproduction of the 60's Aurora brand Seaview is now out.  But it's not the sixties, so instead of costing around a buck, it's now $18.99.  But that's the cheapest you can get anything that looks like the original movie and year one TV sub. 
     Alert!The Lunar Models version also listed (for $99.99), is for experienced and patient model builders only.  They are selling the movie version with diving bell and mini sub, but the last time I checked, they had a picture of the TV version posted.

Link to Still Things  Still things is the place to go for reasonably priced color and black and white photos from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.  Many of the photos on Mike's VTTBOTS Zone came from STILL THINGS .  Ebay is great for some things, but why get into a bidding war when Still Things has the greatest variety of photos from Voyage and zillions of other TV shows and movies.  No, I don't own stock in the company, but I know a good thing when I see it. 

 Link to Science-Fiction TV book 
  Check out Mark Phillips and Frank Garcia's  comprehensive look at Science-Fiction On TV  including Voyage and Irwin Allen's other SF series.  
Voyage Series On DVD

Link to Amazon Global Warming Edition    
The 1961 film Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea is now available on DVD.  Read a review at  Video-flicks,then order over the net if you wish from  There's no documentary or directors comments (this last point should be obvious) but the theatrical trailer is included.And low, you also get Fantastic Voyage on the same DVD.  Seems like quite a value.
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