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Voyage Websites.

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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea site, part of The Irwin Allen News Network Topnotch!

2 Get a load of the Institute's layout, Seaview blueprints, and much more at N.I.M.R.

bluebul.gif - 266 BytesQuick at-a-glance listing of Voyage episodes/directors/writers --season by season.

2Kathy Agel's Delphi forum dedicated to the discussion of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

The Kit Factory --Irwin Allen Stuff.

2 excellent Websites about
Submarines On TV

Seaview! Seaview!! Seaview!!! (and Flying Sub)

    bluebul.gif - 266 Bytes  The Sub Committee has plenty of cool info, links and photos of familiar vehicles of the underwater type .  

Find out about television programs that have featured submarines.

  Photos of Seaview studio restorations, Flying Sub, and great shot of the Diving Bell. Rick Quisenberry's Modeling Page Seaviews-O-plenty
bluebul.gif - 266 Bytes Check out details on one fine way the Aurora Flying Sub  model can be built.

bluebul.gif - 266 BytesI'm kind of cheating here.  Kev's is not per se a Voyage site, but is a site featuring a great collection of submarine graphics.  If you're hunting for sub-surface images, you might dive in here.

Kev's sub graphics link.

Voyage FanFiction Sites.

Chapter one--Expanding Technical Data Base of Nelson Institute for Marine Research and fanfiction NIMR Reports

 Chapter two-- Daffron & Delaney's version of fiction and more.
Chapter three--feast your literary side--go to Carol Foss' Seaview Stories
Chapter four--go to The Captain's Log and log on.
Chapter six--check out the bravado at 
Bravo Zulu

Link to Uncharted Waters
bluebul.gif - 266 Bytes Chapter  seven--Sail into Uncharted Waters.  Voyage FanFiction of varied genres.    This site is well laid out, fun to maneuver and growing.  Check out Teela's 

Voyage Cast and Crew Websites.

bluebul.gif - 266 Bytes***New--Check out Stephanie Kellerman's new page all about Richard Basehart.  Guaranteed to grow on you.

Everything about David Hedison on the official David Hedison website

bluebul.gif - 266 BytesSeaman Clark (Paul Carr) could always be depended on to wig out and to show up on Voyage in later seasons, even though he'd been killed off in season two.  He definately has his fans.  Check out Paul Carr's Website
bluebul.gif - 266 BytesThe first obvious place to go for information on all Voyage cast and crew (including Terry Becker, Del Monroe, Bob Dowdel and the rest of the gang, plus Irwin Allen is the Irwin Allen News Network.

Voyage Related Websites.

bluebul.gif - 266 BytesGet the lowdown on the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea collectibles.  This site has the general information correct, but I'm guessing the estimated values of said collectibles are probably out of date.  Prices have been goin up.

bluebul.gif - 266 Bytes What does a "normal" person (wait--I take that back--a writer couldn't be a normal person) think of the little one-line plot blurbs that appear in TV Guide and newpapers describing any particular episode of our favorite underwater adventure?  Voyage to a Very Unusual Place thanks to the San Fransisco Chronicle.

bluebul.gif - 266 Bytes OK, heres a really neat contribution from Charles Mento.  He puts the Irwin Allen series and all of their offshoots including comic books, paperbacks, hardbacks, movies--you name it, he's got--in a complete Irwin Allen Time-line along with Adam and Eve, Daniel Boone, King Arthur and the Loch Ness Monster!  Hats off to Mr. Mento!

Voyage Japan
There are some neat, if inscrutable Japanese Voyage websites.  I have made contact with a Voyage fan in Japan who is also into RC model building.  Check these sites out! :)

Select Irwin Allen Related Websites .

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bluebul.gif - 266 Bytes Find out what Irwin Allen films are being broadcast during the current month.  Go to TV Now Presents Irwin Allen .

Science Fiction Movie and TV links.
bluebul.gif - 266 BytesScience Fiction Movies on TV (Current Schedule--yes, current, as in now.)

Link to Tim's place.    bluebul.gif - 266 Bytes   Tim's TV Showcase. Find all things television--science fiction plus everything else from The A Team to Your Show of Shows.  Commercials, music, analysis, you name it.  Watch out!  Here comes the kitchen sink.  The depth of coverage varies from series to series.

e Still Things. When it comes to movie and TV publicity photos, this company is about as fast, complete and reliable as they get.  It is also the cheapest, and allows you to purchase different photo sizes, depending on your needs and your budget.  Forget ebay, go with Still Things.

Science Fiction Literature Links.

Kathryn Cramer's On Science and Science Fiction
The Ultimate Science Fiction Web Guide 
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America
Go to the the high-definition Definitions of Science Fiction page