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Peter Holton, England
   This section of the site is new, so it has to start somewhere.  And a very good place it does!  Peter Holton contacted me in the summer of 2002 and mentioned he had constructed a nice model of Seaview among many others (lots of Gerry Anderson creations).  He snail-mailed me a bunch of photos, of which you see several here.  Nice work, Peter!
Peter and young Holton ogle dad's Seaview model.

seaview_holton_2b.jpg - 11866 Bytes
holton_seaview_bell_comp_b.jpg - 9947 Bytes
Peter got his Seaview plans from Australia's Sci Fi Modeler but had to wing the bow section when he realized the plans were incorrect.  He certainly came up with something to be pleased with.  Wanna trade for my gum cards?

holton_seaview_mini_combo.jpg - 13992 Bytes

Closeup of base and minisub
All built from scratch.

holton_seaview_blue_b.jpg - 16570 Bytes

Peter's model manipulated into watery background.
Click here for larger version.

Peter writes: I am still looking to find a place to display Seaview, but because it's so big there is nowhere to put it, thus it's still in the workshop.  I keep asking my wife to change places with the Seaview, but she wont stand for it.  Just joking(?)
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holton_tease_1.jpg - 8403 Bytes
See how Peter goes from this (above)


holton_tease_2.jpg - 11912 Bytes
to this with his intuitive build out.


See how Peter builds his models.  click here .  


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