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Voyage to the bottom of the Sea-The Movie

Movie Poster Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea       Original poster art from the 1961 release of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.  Unlike many science-fiction fantasy films, where the marketing art implies much more than you ever get during the experiencing of the film, the Voyage poster depicts pretty much what you get in the film--that is, it delivers the GOODS.


Nose Shot, Movie Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea        The observation nose had a kind of "hotel" feel to it in the feature film.  Note the conveniently place ashtray, there obviously as a receptacle for the Admiral's cigars.  And my gosh--is that shag carpet?  From left to right,  Robert Sterling as Captain Lee Crane, Walter Pidgeon as Admiral Harriman Nelson,  Howard McNear as Congressman Parker, Regis Toomey as Admiral Crawford.

The sequence that follows is taken from the Voyage movie and represents some of the best underwater miniature photography (my opinion, yes of course) ever done on film.

Classic Teardrop sub fires on Seaview

                Hot on the Heals of USOS Seaview, this generic teardrop sub
may soon be toast.  Whadday ya think?

Seaview takes a powder.
                    The small scale of the Bubbles on these shots taken with the 8-foot model reinforces the apparent large scale of the submarine.  The bubbles were generated by an internal forced air system which expelled them durring filming.  No computer-generate shots back then, but they made do.                    

Teardrop sub GETS powedered. Movie Voyage. Scratch one generic teardrop Navy sub.  Note that the fiery illumination of the explosion is a product of the the model's detonation, not computer enhancement.  Pretty cool.  Interesting position Seaview's officers were put in. Unable to fire on a U.N. sub ordered to hunt down and destroy them, Nelson ordered Seaview to dive toward her superior crush depth, leaving thier pursuer in the lurch.

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