Voyage, The Movie
Another Minisub bites the dust

movienoseansara.jpg - 31782 Bytes
"No, I tell you, those things out there are just Union 76 balls
before they've been painted."

No, really, what are these round thingies?
Curious, an employee of rival Exxon,
pilots the mini-sub out to investigate.

I'll just take a sample of one of these round thingies
Seeking a sample to take back to Exxon R&D,
the mini sub goes to work


  Finally, we brave showing you more....
All things must pass . . . George Harrison.
Explosion Photos courtesy  NeoLASE

Alas, Poor, young red-haired Jimmy is dead.....and the 1st of a long line of minisubs bites the dust.

Goombye, please.

    On a serious note, the above two photographs are perfect sequential examples of carefully staged high-speed real-time miniature photography.  The mixture of flammables and debris had to be "just so" to properly reflect the scale of the miniature and the lighting.  L.B. Abbott was a genius at pulling this kind of stuff off.  There could be no subsequent computer manipulation of the resultant "take," because, of course, computers and associated software capable of such manipulations, didn't exist at the time.

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