SeaViews--Favorite Takes

Regular viewers got the feeling they'd seen this shot somewhere before.

  When submarine Seaview was redesigned for the color episodes, the reduction of the number of observation ports and the increase in apparent size of the ports from without had the effect of reducing Seaview's overall dimensions. There are those (and frankly, I'm one) who prefer the more massive and streamlined "feel" of the movie version of Seaview.

All dolled-up in a reverse charge run through the hull, Seaview barrels along ready to ram an alien computer entity in "The Deadly Dolls", one of the most-fun productions of the fourth season.   Assignment completed, Admiral Nelson could file another glowing report on Seaview's performance.

Let's think now--what was the name of the show?

     There were (let's think about this) at LEAST one or two episodes of Voyage where Seaview plowed nose-first into the sea floor at full-tilt.  Here are two separate (yet similar--and yes, hauntingly familiar) shots of our favorite "glass-nosed" submarine doing the bottom boogie!  Such encounters with the ocean's floor gave rise to more control-room rock & roll.

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