Seaviews, Page 5

Seaview approaches New York under flaming sky.

There was fire in the sky reflected from the ocean's surface in 1961's Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, with screenplay by Charles Bennett and Irwin Allen. The above visual is the kind for which special effects wizard L.B. Abbott and photographer Winton Hoch would certainly have deserved a special effects oscar, and the kind of power that drove the movie and made it Twentieth Century Fox's biggest money-maker of the year.

A series of shots (below) taken from the Donruss Company
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea series of collector cards issued in 1964.

 Voyage Collector Cards

Many of the Donruss series of Voyage cards were modified by
their art department for what they considered to be dramatic purposes.
Included are publicity photos and shots lifted from the pilot episode.

Voyage Collector Cards

One version of the four foot Seaview model was seen
in Nelson's office sitting on the built-in behind his desk.

Voyage Collector Cards

I've always wondered how any of the crew survived the emergency blow
picured on the right without suffering serious concussion and residual headache,
but that was not really the point. It sure did look dramatic onscreen.