Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea--Blue Seaviews

Seaviews in blue

Diving into blue.
Submarine Sunk Here.

Bubbles in blue.

The Phantom.

Submarine Seaview.  From an esthetic standpoint, arguably the punchiest nuclear sub design ever to grace the silver screen.  Sleek, massive, technically credible if you ignore hydrodynamics, and even suggestively phallic, this machine is the damn coolest underwater vehicle ever to dive beneath the waves.  She housed and protected the crew that fans know and love, led by (watch out, here it comes) the talented Richard Basehart.  Yet oddly, few publicity photos of the TV year 2-4 Seaview exist.  The above are taken from screen captures and several have been heavily manipulated to show as well as they do.  If you have, or know of any actual Seaview publicity photos not displayed on this site and would be willing to share them , you will surely be credited.  Screen Captures courtesy of Stephanie Kellerman and a Voyage fan whose first name is Alan (although for the life of me, I've lost his last name).