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Terrible Toys Production Art.
The Terrible Toys

Man Beast Production Art.
Brand of the Beast

The Plant Man Production Art.
The Plant Man

The Lobster Man Production Art
The Lobster Man

Extensive storyboarding is a standard procedure employed in film production.  Some directors plan to the extent of having a drawing prepared for each intended shot.  Though this kind of extensive 'board work' is seldom used in the case of series televison production for other than pilot and set-piece episodes, production art does have it's place...particularly in the area of giving the set and costume designers ideas for what the writer and/or director has in mind--and vice-versa.  You may recognize the episodes for which some of the artworks on the following pages were created.

The Abominable Snowman Production Art.
The Abominable Snowman

Deadly Creature
Deadly Creature Below

  The basic pencil-rendered production sketches were used to demonstrate general design concepts for various departments including special effects, costumes, and set design, or they may have been included as part of a more extensive storyboard used by the director and cameraman.  They were intended only for in-house use.  The more detailed color paintings, such as those on the previous pages and the (black and white) one below, were sometimes used in advertising, marketing and promotion of the show.  

Production art for The Monster's Web
The Monster's Web

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