Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
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Remember those great special-effects sequences from year-one of Voyage, where Seaview was actually shown in relation to things other than a vast generic expanse of ocean? For example, in one episode (I think it was The Exile), Seaview is shown approaching the Euorpean coastline with a city visible on the horizon. This kind of effective process shot cost money that just wasn't there after the show went to the more costly color format in year 2.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea production art
I can't help but think, if some of these production paintings are an example of the writers story ideas, that, in effect, their eyes were bigger than their stomachs--that is, they often came up with concepts for visuals that simply cost too much to shoot. In the color years, instead of us viewers getting to see Seaview glide under the San Fransisco Bay Bridge in a long shot, we got to see the Bay Bridge through Seaview's periscope to tell us the location. More cost effective. Too bad they didn't do at least two seasons in black and white!!!

Flying Sub in action. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Could this be a production painting intended to promote "Fires of Death?". Hmm...that city looks a bit too close to the Volcano, but then, the shooting script may have been subsequently changed. My suspicion is that these paintings may have been more intended as general publicity material rather than to illustrate specific episodes or sequences. If anyone has concrete information on the details, please email me at the contact address on this site's main page.

Seaview in big trouble--Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Whatever the purpose of these production paintings, man, those people could come up with great ideas for Irwin Allen-style mayhem! I'd give an arm and a leg (figuratively speaking) to see what L.B. Abbott and Howard Lydecker would have created for the above scene, given a sufficient budget. Note Seaview in the lower right corner. Now, that might have been a pretty rough ride for the Admiral, Captain and crew.

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