Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Marketing Artwork

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Artwork above appeared on two versions
of children's picture-puzzle


The paintings on this and the following page were incorporated into several different marketing tie-ins manufactured by Milton Bradley circa 1965.  The four paintings were used as the basis for a series of children's picture-puzzles sold as a boxed set and age appropriate to youngsters 3 to 7.  Oddly, the same puzzles sold separately were indicated appropriate for ages 4 to 9.  Ahh...the notorious Irwin Allen consistency factor.

The hard-backed versions of the puzzles manufactured and sold separately had the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea logo printed in the upper right-hand corner of each puzzle.  Additionally, one of the paintings was used on a Voyage Card Game   and one on a board game as seen below. bluebul.gif_large_down.gif - 992 Bytes
 puzzles_game_small.jpg - 12618 Bytes


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The artwork above appeared on a Milton-Bradley
board game and and picture-puzzles

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