Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Production/Marketing Artwork--Milton Bradley

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Shark Attack
bluebul_rotated_up.gif - 861 Bytes ABOVE-Shark artwork from Milton-Bradley Puzzles
RIGHT - Production drawing of prototype Seaview from 1960 bluebul.gif - 266 Bytes

Notice that on two of these puzzle paintings, including the one at left, Seaview's observation nose is represented as having far too many window ports.  Is it possible that these paintings were created from one of the early studio design versions of the movie Seaview?  Am I attempting to be too logical or was the artist just being inattentive?
seaview_early_version_drawing_puzzle.jpg - 14322 Bytes

The paintings as seen on this and the previous page were achieved by scanning the picture-puzzle artwork and "restoring" them to their pre-puzzle appearance (that is, minus the puzzle design cuts) by using the cloning feature of Photosuite.  As seen, they are fair approximations of the original artwork.


This painting was likely based on a creative interpretation of the Squid attack in the Voyage movie.
Artwork that appeared on Voyage card game
and two versions of picture-puzzles circa 1965.

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