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Dell 4-color comic, movie adaptation  
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This Dell four-color edition was released just prior to the movie in 1961.  It was well-drawn, with exception of Seaview, which comic book artists seemed to have trouble with.  The screenplay adaptation is faithful and the overall package of high quality, as were most Dell comics at the time.  And lo and behold, the characters that appear in the movie also appear in the comic, somethingthat was lost in Gold Key's later television adaptation. (Scroll down for more.)
TV comic first edition.    TV comic #2    Voyage TVcomic issue 3

TV comic, 1st ed.

TV comic issue #2

TV comic issue #3

Unfortunately, Gold Key's television adaptation of Voyage was about as accurate and well written as their version of Star Trek.  That is to say, it was pretty bad.  The first several issues had poor interior art, in which singularly, the Seaview suffered.  The covers looked good, but once you opened the book, ouch!  The depiction of our favorite submarine improved steadily from issues 2 through 6.  Then the big problem became the Flying Sub. 
    The stories reflected the more far-out aspects of season one, with plenty of sea-monsters and enemy plots, but little drama or decent writing.  But the writers never seemed to pick up on the fact that any characters beyond Nelson and Crane existed, just nameless faces and lots of tubing, piping, computers and other gear that often bore little if any relation to the submarine's actual interior.  Oddly enough, the one exception to this was Chief Curly Jones.  Though even he disappeared when the comic writers finally figured out his character had left the show after season one due to Henry Kulky's untimely death.  
    Of course, all that said, I was thrilled at the time to get the books, and wouldn't sell 'em for a million dollars (well, maybe a million). 

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