Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Dell Four-Color Movie Adaptation

Dell four-color comic cover.

The Dell four-color edition
of Voyage to the Bottom of
the sea did a good job of
telling the movie's story, in
spite of the fact that Seaview
herself wasn't accurately depicted. 
Even on the cover, the submarine
just doesn't look right.  For one
thing, she doesn't have the correct
number of view ports.  But within,
the story was well written and
effectively told

Admiral (Farrigut?) Nelson.

Admiral Nelson as illustrated in the movie adaptation.  A reasonable likeness to Walter Pidegeon, but they got the Admiral's first name wrong.  And it's USOS Seaview, not SS Seaview as stated in the comic.  Despite these deviations, the comic book telling works well.

Lee Crane and Cathey Conners.

Lee Crane and fiance Cathy Conners. Obviously the artist was focusing on getting the Admiral down pat.

A tense crew. The artist did a fair job of catching the
mood of the film, even if some of the
characters were drawn almost as cyphers.
Aside from Nelson, among those they
portrayed fairly accurately were Commodore
 Emery (Peter Lorre) and Dr. Susan Hiller
(Joan Fontaine) as seen in this tense frame.

Icefall   Fire in the sky!   Good grief, more ice.
Tons of ice and ribbons of fire in the sky greet USOS Seaview at the "top of the world" in these dramatic
 frames from the Voyage movie comic adaptation.  Seaview's look suffers at the hands of the artist, though not
nearly as much as would be the case in the premiere issue of the TV adaptation.  In all fairness,
the submarine's design is so unique, it's perhaps understandable that she would be hard to master in the short
working time comic book artists are give to grind out each issue.

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