Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Gold Key Comics,
 Premiere Issue

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Dr. Gama was the bad guy in the pilot episode of Voyage, and was carried through to menace Nelson, Crane and the intrepid crew of Seaview in the inaugural issue of the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea TV tie-in from Gold Key comics.  Middle above is the Mexican version of the cover and at right is the French counterpart, provided courtesy of Alan Fleisher

Nelson and Curly at the periscope.

The Admiral was depicted as having blond hair and looked
a bit like Admiral Nelson--well, kind of....

SSRN Seaview?

This is one of the more ridiculous depictions given to Seaview in the comic-book series'  premiere edition.  Note, even the number of ports in the observation nose is off by a country mile. 

Interestingly, one of  Dr. Gamma's
ingenious devices was a flying sub-
marine.  This appeared in issue one
of the Voyage comic in 1964 well
before a similar device was introduced
to Voyage in year two.  Also of inter-
est, that machine was named Flying Fish,
the same name that ABC publicity
refered to the Flying Sub as when it was
introduced in year two of the series.

  The Flying Fish

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