Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Gold Key Comic issue #3

The third issue
of the Gold Key
Voyage series
was adorned with
one of my personal
 favorite covers, in
that it involved
grave danger and 
natural disaster, but
 no giant monsters,
outrageous superspys
or supernatural

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Left, Curly is still the only crew
member beside's Nelson and
Crane who appears in the comic
Series.  All other crew are name-
less faces.  Curly confers
with CaptainCrane, who has
managed to get himself thrown
in the brig by none other
Admiral Nelson. 

Right, a crewmember actually
looking a lot like 'Sparks', but
referred to only as the radioman,
delivers a message to Captain
Crane.  The writers should have
done their homework.

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Admiral Nelson, as depicted in issue # 3 of Gold Key's
TV based series.  Every now and then, the artist would
hit the target a bit closer than average.  Above is such
a frame.  Although the hair color is wrong, the overall impression
is one that matches Richard Basehart's portrayal of Nelson--rugged,
concerned and forthright.

Overall, Seaview looks
better by issue 3, but her
 tailfins are now the
problem.  Lacking the
appropriate curvature,
they are depicted as being
straight much of the time.
But still, things have gotten
steadily better since issue 1.

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