Interview With
Del Monroe.
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Richard Bull as Doc. A Short
Interview With
Richard Bull.
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Link to Derrik Lewis Memoir of Voyage.
Derrik Lewis (Lieutenant O'Brien) Memoir

 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Photo-articles & Interviews 
Interviews With
David Hedison.
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Circa 1977 click here
New Interview-2005  
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Ray Didsbury (1930-2006
Behind-the scenes photos

Richard Basehart's stand-in, Voyage dialogue coach and extra Ray Didsbury tells what it was like being on the set every day and working with the show's cast. 

Ray Didsbury Article

Page 1.
How Ray got started in the business and met Richard Basehart


Page 2.
Check out Ray's thoughts on Richard Base- hart and other cast members


Page 3.
Ray Didsbury on Voyage's guest stars, special effects  and more--


Page 4.
See David Hedison trans-form into a werewolf and menace Ray--

You've read his stuff in Starlog, FILMFAX and TV Zone
Memories Of Watching Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
by Mark Phillip

Check out Mark's extensive book on SF TV.

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