Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Richard Bull as Doc on Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

A Short Interview With Richard Bull. 

Conducted by Joel Eisner, appearing in Voyage's Unlimited #1, winter, 1979. 
From the Collection of John & Diane Kachmar. 

Q:  What is your favorite Voyage episode?
A:  Difficult to say, but probably THE WEREWOLF.
Q: How did you get along with the Voyage cast?  Was there anyone you
liked or disliked more than others?
A:  Very well.  I don't recall any serious friction.  It wouldn't be fair to say I liked any over than the others but I had tremendous respect for Richard Basehart as an actor.  And of course I like him as a person, too.
Q:  Was there any guest star you enjoyed working with?
A:  No one in particular.  I seldom had much to do with guest stars as I recall.
Q: How did you like your role on Voyage.  Was there anything you would have
liked to change given the chance?
A:  I enjoyed it.  I would have liked to have more to do is all.
Q: How did you get the role on Voyage?  Did you audition or were you chosen on the basis of your previous work?
A:  I knew one of the associate producers who called me in on the basis of my previous work.
Q:  Are there any funny or unusual moments, you still remember, which occurred during filming?
A:  Sorry, no one specific incident.  The funniest reoccurring moment was throwing ourselves
from one side of the set to the other as the camera was tilted from side to side to give the illusion of the sub being tossed about.  It felt and looked silly doing it, but it looked great on TV.
Q:  Is there a Voyage outtake reel?
A:  Not that I know of.
Q:  Did the Doctor have a name?
A:  No.
Q:  Did you like doing Voyage?
A:  Yes, it was nice semi-regular work.
Q:  Did you like the show when it dealt with serious stories or when it dealt
with monsters and outer space people?
A:  At the time we all preferred the serious scripts.  But the monsters were fun to
watch --  and still are.
Q:  Have you seen any of the cast since the series ended?
A:  I have run into Richard Basehart a number of times, including the time he guested on "Little House."  Also have seen David Hedison several times and a couple of the other fellas.  Don't see them socially other than by accident.
Q:  How did you like working for Irwin Allen?
A:  Fine.  But in four years I never really knew him.  Never was formally introduced. Strange man.


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