Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Werewolf Transition--
Ray Didsbury in peril from the ManBeast

Ummmm...good to the last drop!
The transformaton from mild mannered captain to raving werewolf takes
more than just a few moments, so there's time for a nice cup of hot Joe.
Get that thing out of my nose!  Do you think the tie makes up for the 5 o'clock shadow?

Bad hair day.

Left, one of several stages
of lyncanthropy endured by Lee
Crane in the fourth-season
Voyage episode, "Man-Beast".
Seen at right, pre-production
artwork for the episode,
"Brand of the Beast."

Good likeness.

Yerr payin fer the dinner, Didsbury.
Looks Like Charles Aidman (Werewolf) clowning with  the radiation- suited Ray Didsbury on-set.  Between takes (right), Didsbury relaxes out- back on the Fox lot in the company of  big studio lights and a lighting dimmer panel.*
OK, so I'm out of the will.

Very handsome looking today - Ray Didsbury.
Ray Didsbury - 2001

        *For those of you who want to know more about lighting dimmer panels, here's the unexpurgated story on them from Ray, himself: "Lighting is run through the panel so that lights can be dimmed or brightened such as a light change when you enter a room and turn on the lights.  In the pic, you are actually looking at the back of the dimmer where all the connections ran out to various lamps.  The front side is curved and had levers on it for each circuit.  The operator stands on a running board type platform that slides out from under the unit and is used to give him better visibility to see his cues."

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