Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Gold Key Comics issue #2

Gold Key Comics Issue 2

A fine cover
for issue #2 of
the Gold Key
Voyage series.
Inside, a bit of
progress on the
depiction of
Seaview, as you
can see below.

comic_seaview_2.jpg - 27395 Bytes

Definite progress was made in depicting Seaview from issue one, to this, issue two. 
It's hard telling with Gold Key comics, since artists were, in general not credited,
whether a different person inked one issue versus another.  Although there's
not that much difference in the depiction of the human characters, there's a huge
improvement in the depiction of mechanical devices including Seaview.  It
may be that these elements were drawn by different people and that the
depictor of the crew remained the same while the inker of the mechanicals
was different.  Does anyone know more on this?  Email me here.


Curly is again the only
TV character aside from
Nelson and Crane, to
appear in issue two of
the Comic.  All other
crew are nameless faces.
Pictured here--Nelson
and Curly with (I believe)
Crane in the background.
The very distinctive Henry
Kulky was the only
character the artists were
consistently successful
in depicting

comic_curly_2.jpg - 18435 Bytes

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