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Gum card wrapper.

DonRuss Collector Cards

These pages are from the original series of the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea trading cards
issued in1964 (not the reprints).  Cards with shots of Seaview can be found in the SeaViews section of

this site.  These are select cards from the series depicting the crew.  The quality of printing and
centering varied from card to card as can be seen in these examples.  Nelson, Curly and Obrien
parley in Observation (left) and Crane takes a gander through Seaview's periscope (right).

Voyage collector card.

Here's the backside of one of the
Voyage collector cards issued by
the Donruss company. The cards
featured scenes from the pilot
episode and also studio publicity
shots. There are numerous
examples of the front sides of the
cards on this site, especially on
the SeaViews subpage.

DonRuss Collector Cards

Chief Jones, Captain Crane, crewman and in the doorway to the rear, Admiral Nelson in the midst
of some pressing problem (left).  Snappy salutes from Lee Crane and Chip Morton (right). 

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