Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
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Comet Mini-metal Seaview
Here's what the rare Comet Mini-metal Seaview looks like.  Issued a
number of years ago, this example actually comes from Voyage fan
Storm's collection.  I finally acquired one of these babies off of ebay in
late 2002

Laser disc edition VTTBOTS front.

If you happen to have a
Laser-disc system, this issue
from Twentieth Century Fox
is pretty cool, as it's the
 wide screen version struck
from an awfully clean print. 
Until recently, this was the
only way to see the movie
with top quality. Nice
graphics and packaging
on this set.
  With the recent
DVD double-release of
Voyage to the Bottom of
the Sea and Fantastic
Voyage, the Voyage movie 
is brought about as up to
 date as you can get

Laser disc edition VTTBOTS back.

Though aimed at
young readers and
quickly dashed off,
this hardback
published by
Whitman in 1965
makes a more
interesting read
once you realize
that the Raymond
F.  Jones who wrote
it is the same man
that wrote This
Island Earth and
other successful,
 if perhaps less
well known novels.

  Voyage Whitman Hardcover 1965

Jones wrote many
short stories for
 pulp magazines
such as
Science Fiction,
Amazing Stories

and Galaxy. Jones
also wrote non-
fiction works with
intriguing titles like
Radar: How it
works, and Animals
of long ago.

  This Island Earth book cover.

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