Irwin Allen
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

I'm telling you--the fish was this big!

Beginning back in the 60's, the Beach Boys were a hot California band.  One year at Christmas, they released a song called The Man With All The Toys . Across the land, most people thought the song was about Santa Clause.  But we know differently, because the man with all the toys could only have been--Irwin Allen.  And they were big toys at that.

  A man and his periscope stand.

Boy, these Snoopy cartoons are really funny!
Irwin Allen consults storyboards during the filming of the Voyage movie.  Storyboards consist of drawings which outline the action and depict set, scenery, and actor placement, sometimes on a shot by shot basis.  The actual movie is planned out before shooting even begins, in a form similar to comic books.  The creation of storyboards is often a group effort involving the director, chief cinematographer, set designer and other technicians.  Storyboards are particularly helpful in projects involving special effects.

Never more at home than on the bridge.    

Irwin Allen--
never more
at home than
when leaning
on a periscope-
stand railing.

Photos and text of Irwin Allen directing the Voyage pilot episode, "11 Days to Zero," click here.
Irwin Allen on the go.




Irwin Allen

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