Submarine Seaview,
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Pursuing the depths...   Snowy Seaview
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    Submarine Seaview ran on the surface seventy-one hours out of Honolulu. No secret mission this time. No exotic research project. No outrageous prickly and unpredictable frontiers of science to contend with. The submarine and her crew were headed back to Santa Barbara and home. That meant a cliff-side berth nestled several hundred feet below the Nelson Institute for Marine Research. Fabulous shot of 18-foot miniature.
    Once they hit port and were put on leave, the seven-mile drive into the city took some crewmembers home to wives and families. For some, it meant a long stop at the first bar en route.
    For now, the passage was comfortably routine. A series of poker games churned in the crew's mess. There, the ship's doctor burned with big ideas of offsetting the insult of previous losses. It wasn't happening. In deference to this man alone, the crew had long since placed a gentlemen's limit of a dollar per bet in all card games. Elsewhere on board, the reactor's contained fires burned and duty crews hovered around their stations, as Seaview insinuated herself across the surface of a smooth Pacific.
----Excepted from The Nemesis Syndrome

USOS Seaview--Movie Version
U.S.O.S. Seaview (1961 movie version) and SSRN Seaview 1964 TV version

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