Submarine Seaview:
Variations on a scene (or two).
     Such fun is discovering a new (to me) program like Corel!  Following are some variations on a theme I came up with while goofing around.  The first sample below became part of the basis for the cover of my novel, the "Nemesis Syndrome."  The Seaview is a photograph of my 32" Lunar Models movie version.  I carefully cut it from a 5X7 print which I Scotch-Taped onto a photograph of the sea floor (as immediately below) or other undersea photos and manipulated a scan of the result with Corel 8.  Not great art, perhaps, but fun to do, and hopefully at least eye-candy for you.

seaviewjune17bubblestreestext.jpg - 30835 Bytes

Painted Seaview

Soft Blue Seaview

Reversed Lined Seaview

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