Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Allan Hunt as Seaman Stu Riley

Alan Hunt as Alan Hunt
Allan Hunt circa 1997, Starcon.
     Allan Hunt is a native Californian, and has lived in the Golden State all his life. Growing up, he spent a lot of time with his musically oriented grandparents and was hooked on drama from the beginning. He and his brothers and sisters would spend hours making up plays in their backyard, and being the nephew of actress Marsha Hunt didn’t hurt a bit; they still remain close.

     High school finished, Allan went to UCLA, and, as did many Voyage cast members, honed his acting talents at Pasadena Playhouse.  Allan’s earliest film work included roles on Dennis the Menace, Gunsmoke, Dr. Kildare and Perry Mason. He had a recurring role on The Donna Reed Show and of course, on Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.
     One of the funny stories Allan tells is about how he first met producer Irwin Allen, a man known for his volatility. Voyage casting director, Joe D’Augusta had accompanied Allan across the Fox lot to Irwin’s office and announced their presence.   Allen studied Hunt for a few moments and announced “He’s too tall.” No shaking of hands, no introduction, just….”He’s too tall.”  Which was, of course, typical Irwin Allen.  Irwin was worried about having yet another tall cast member going up against 5’ 8” star Richard Basehart.  Hunt said something to the effect of, “I slouch beautifully.”  Allen asked a couple of questions, shook his head as he mumbled something about how tall Hunt was, and trundled back into his office.  Despite the initial reception, Allan got the role, and, twenty years old, joined the cast of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, appearing in numerous second season episodes.

     Allan says, "I was present during many scenes involving David (Hedison) and Richard (Basehart), lucky for me. I was always delighted to see Riley involved with them in an upcoming script.  Richard had an "air" about him.  A quiet dignity that everyone on the set responded to and maintained even in his absence.

      "Aside from all of us admiring his easy authority (by that I mean respected but still warm and approachable,) his abilities and professionalism, there was no one involved with Voyage - the cast crew and- that
didn't know for sure we were all there because of Richard Basehart.  I think even Irwin

David Hedison, Richard Basehart, Allan Hunt,
" The Peacemaker."
Allen would have admitted that - Richard's participation sold the pilot.   His participation made all the preposterous goings-on with monsters, etc, perpetually balanced and credible.  It lent legitimacy to the proceedings.

Del Monroe, David Hedison and Allan Hunt from "Return of the Phantom."
        "As to David and Richard together , they were well matched and got along wonderfully. However they were worlds apart culturally.  One of my favorite memories was observed on the set just before filming one day.  There's always a lull in time as a shot is being "set" with lighting adjustments and necessary sound checks.  Actors are quite used to these delays.  David and Richard were standing close to one another, waiting for the crew to complete their tasks.  David started singing quietly to himself.  It was a song that was extremely popular at the time, "Henry the Eighth, I Am" by Herman's Hermits.        As David continued to sing absently, quietly, Richard finally looked up and said, "What is that you're singing?" and David replied, "Henry the Eighth!" Richard was dumbstruck.  "HENRY the
EIGHTH"?????  "Yeah, Man - don't you ever listen to KRLA?"  "Uh, no," Richard admitted somewhat sheepishly, feeling a need to apologize for the fervency of David's incredulous question.  "Oh, man, it goes like this - (in full voice David began to sing:) "I'm Henery the Eighth, I am - Henery the Eighth I am, I am, - I got married to the widow next door - she's been married seven times before...."   Richard closed his eyes, shook his head and muttered, "Oh, that's TERRIBLE".   All of us on the set laughed helplessly.  Both great guys.  Both living in different worlds.  It was great working with them and everyone else in the cast and crew."
     Before filming commenced on Voyage's third season, Allan was tapped for military service by Uncle Sam.  He trained as a Marine at El Toro Marine Air Station, then was transferred to Special Services with the Army.  Because of his theater and film experience, the powers that be decided he would best be used to direct shows for the overseas entertainment division.  Allan had a standing invitation from Irwin to return to Voyage upon his discharge, but by then, Voyage had been cancelled.

      Allan continues to direct and act in theater with occasional stints on TV and in film.   Find out more about Allan Hunt at his official website.  And drop back occasionally.   I hope to expand Allan's section on this site soon.

Allan Hunt, year 2 Voyage
Allan Hunt as Seaman Riley
Courtesy Quincy Crossroads Collection


     Hi everybody!    

Nelson tapped his pocket com.  "Sparks, have an armed rescue team get a landing craft up and out here on the double.  Weapons concealed, for whatever good it'll do.  Laser rifles, impact grenades and automatic pistols."
   Riley soon emerged from the conning tower and distributed laser handguns and automatic weapons to Jacob Compton and the Admiral and Captain, who went about stashing them in their clothing so they wouldn't show.  Nelson turned to Riley, gestured at the ice cave that entrapped Seaview, and smiled, hoping to ease the tension that showed in the  other man's eyes.  "Look after Seaview till will get back, Riley. And take care."
   "Don't worry," the young seaman responded, "we'll be fine, Admiral.  It's you who's walking into the lion's den."
   Nelson restrained a frown, thinking, Yes you young swab, it certainly is. And thank you for reminding me.

----Excepted from The Nemesis Syndrome


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