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The Nemesis Syndrome

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What readers are saying:

"Thoroughly researched, down to the appearance and properties of Arctic ice, Nemesis gets the characters right, and the story line is fascinating."--Stephanie Kellerman,  Louisville, Kentucky.

"Nemesis is a blast to read and impossible to lay down!  The opening sequence sets the stage, and the story comes alive from there.  Hopefully we haven't heard the last from the author."--Jamie Blesch, Albany, New York

"The Nemesis Syndrome is a triumphal blend of narrative and concept.  You'll find it hard, if not impossible, to put it down until you're finished."--David Bischoff, Vancouver Washington

"Nemesis has action, adventure, and yes, even romance. You'll be amazed at the detail of the plot. The novel is imaginative and obviously well researched."--Sue Boggs, Tacoma, Washington


The Nemesis Syndrome


Exploding out of the night sky, a hellish visitor from another world comes to claim earth for its own.  Standing alone against this alien power is the planet's most powerful submarine and her crew.


Submarine Seaview

The Submarine
     Seaview.  She carries the deadliest collection of firepower on the planet, yet her purpose is research.  Now, she and her crew face an enemy that may call for every ounce of destruction they can deliver.     



The Admiral

     Harriman Nelson.  He's been called eccentric more than once in his brilliant career.  The question this time is, has he gone over the edge?  Is he facing an alien invasion or his own personal demons?  His closest friends must decide.  The fate of the world rests on their judgement.     
Admiral Harriman Nelson

Captain Lee Crane

The Captain
     Lee Crane.  He's a man torn between his own memories and the seemingly psychotic claims of his best friend and superior, Admiral Nelson.  This time, Crane has to follow his instincts, something he dreads.     




  Nemesis 2nd edition cover
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Five years ago, Admiral Nelson and Seaview's crew faced a grotesque alien menace.  They thought they had destroyed it.  But, hidden and silent, the invader has been lurking under the polar ice, biding its time and growing in power.  Now, from deep space, two alien entities crash to earth.  One seeks out Nelson on a mission of mercy.  The other plunges into the Atlantic and begins a deadly race toward its Arctic-bound kin; together, they will launch the mother of all invasions!

Only Seaview stands between the alien menace and worldwide destruction.  Yet Nelson alone seems clued in to what's happening.  His fellow crew members remain oblivious to the peril; what's worse, they remember absolutely nothing of their old foe, Nemesis, the monster waiting quietly in its fortress at the top of the world.

Will Nelson be able to convince Captain Crane and his fellow officers that earth is in grave danger?  Will Seaview get to the Arctic in time to stop Nemesis from carrying out its deadly plan?  To add to Nelson's worries, his longtime friend and associate, Robin Malloy, has been taken captive by the unspeakable beast heading north through the Atlantic.  Is it possible to rescue her?  Is he crazy to try? Why can't he get her out of his mind?

As if Seaview and her crew didn't have enough problems, the President of the United States has just ordered a nuclear attack on whatever it is that keeps blowing up American aircraft and submarines in its path .  Nelson knows the monster feeds on energy, even the kind unleashed in a nuclear explosion.  Seaview must get to the Arctic before nuclear weapons are deployed and the aliens attack!

The Nemesis Syndrome is a fast-paced, carefully-crafted epic that retains all the best of Irwin Allen's finest ensemble series.  The whole crew is here: The Admiral, the Captain, Chip Morton, Kowalski, Sharkey, Patterson, Doc, Riley. There's even a tip of the cap to Chief Curly Jones.  Far more than a simple monsters-versus-us tale, this is the sweeping story of an alien race coming to grips with its own technology, of the survival of the human spirit, and of one man's love and loyalty to a woman.




The Nemesis Syndrome
"Nemesis is thoroughly good fiction from top to bottom.  With well-delineated characters, a substantial and well thought-out plot and enough action to make this a definite page turner.  A true pleasure to read." -- Linda Knights, Knightwriter Press

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The Nemesis Syndrome is a work of fan fiction and is intended solely as a tribute to the work and creativity of Irwin Allen.  Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea is owned and copyrighted by 20th Century Fox and the Estate of Irwin Allen