Irwin Allen
to the Bottom
of the Sea

      Hey, bub--screw up and you're out of the will.

Irwin Allen on the pilot episode set.


Though by all accounts, Allen loved to sit in his office and plan fantastic new adventures, he was never more at home than on the set, directing.  From the viewer's perspective, too bad he didn't spend more time directing, as given a descent script, he was quite capable.  It was his brilliant casting and ability to woo genuine talent into his TV shows and movies that brought additional depth to sometimes less than sterling scripts.  No one denies that the man had energy.

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The quintessential Irwin Allen

I want more tension here....

Irwin Allen (out of uniform) on the set of the pilot
episode of Voyage with David Hedison (bent over),
Henry Kulky (back to you), Richard Basehart and
Derrik Lewis as junior officer. 

Irwin Allen in his offices circa 1979.  Photo by Bill Cotter.  Bill and Mike Clark interviewed Allen for an article which appeared in Starlog Magazine.    Irwin Allen seated at his desk at Warner Bros. circa 1979.

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