Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea-
Rock and Roll Redux.

Below, a series of shots taken during filming
of the Voyage pilot episode.

Rock and roll party.

     Above, David Hedison, Richard Basehart, Eddie Albert and various extras rehearse what was referred to (not always lovingly) as doing the Rock and Roll.  When under attack, Seaview was often shaken back and forth, whether by the forces of nature or an evil agent.  Since the sets were stationary, the effect had to be created by the cast flinging themselves to and fro.  As Ray Didsbury accounts elsewhere on this website, Irwin pounded on a can or bucket with a stick to signal when the cast should switch sides.  Right--bang, left--bang, get the idea.

Let's see--which way's the wind blowing?          Irwin Allen discusses the setup and execution of the scene with his stars.  Notice the funky overhead lighting which is important to the shot, but out of camera range in the finished product.  A few more points of discussion and the boys will be ready to rock and roll.  Below, revealed for the first time (to the best of my knowledge) an actual photographic record of Irwin with bucket.

You'll get a bang out of this!

     Again, from Voyage's pilot episode, here it is folks--proof positive that the stories of Irwin and the can/bucket are true.  The red arrow fairly effectively points out the bucket in all frames above.  Notice the stick (denoted by the blue arrow) with which director Allen bangs away.  Everybody right!  Everybody left!  The cast often had a hard time keeping a straight face during these sessions (see below).

Look close-- yes, those are smiles on the guys faces as they rock and roll in a later-season take which got rejected.  Makes you wonder why...

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