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*For those of you who have not yet seen this fabulous list in spite of the fact that it's as old as the hills, here's a link to anwers to the question:  Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?
*Whale of a snake story
*Truly Meaningless site.  I love it.  The grand-daddy of internet buttons.  Check out
The Really Big Button!

*Check out this FABULOUS page of Dog/People look-alikes.  To see all of them together on one page, click here .

Click HERE for super-nifty quotations.


Are you convinced that you currently or at one time did own one of the worst cars ever designed and producedin the whole world?  Here's the web site for you.   Cars.com conducted a survey and did the research to compile a list of the 10 worst cars of all time.  See if your lemon is on the list.  By the way, you have our condolences.

Ever wondered how they screen contestants for the Jerry Springer Show? Believe it or not, the process is complex and exhaustive.  Click Here to see the application form for potential Jerry Springer show guests. 

Check this out....A page of really funny Newspaper Headlines contributed by K103 listener Mary Ellis.  Take a look!

Here's letter of protest written to an unnamed business establishment (a bank) in protest of their perceived shoddy treatment of the customer.  Biting and lucidly written, it should stand as an inspiration to us all, that we should rise to such heights the next time we have a similar problem.  If you have a moment, click here to read this gem.

This one's for you!"  Check out this amazing scientific wonder...a computer program that can generate a remarkable likeness of you, based on 15 straightforward questions.  You're gonna love it!   (you will have to click off three pop up adds after you use this amazing program, but it's worth it.)  By the way, if you're not impressed, you get your money back.  And it's absolutely free!  Amazing Picture Generator

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