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Happy 4th of July.
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Groovy new hat, huh?

Age 10, a lad of promise.

Thoughts of being a hotshot DJ swirled in Mike's young mind.

Who would believe
 this nerdy looking
 guy would grow up
 to be....

These days, Mike wonders . . . what happened, man?

....this handsome,
hotshot radio DJ?
I mean, really!

It's a miracle!

 . . . Miracles Do Happen!
Yep pard, it's been a long road.

Uh-oh, Radio Geek today.

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K103 Listener Contribution...Two more of "those lists" making it's way around the internet.  "You Might Be From The Northwest If" and You Know You Live In Oregon When"

Super-cool cat photo.

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What a cute little itty-bitty doggy.
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A site for Clean Humor and  A Joke A Day   Sign up for their daily email or just visit the site.  Family friendly.  If anything, they're too scrupulously politically correct.

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Hey Landlubber!  Visit Mike's Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Zone  if yee know what's good for ya.  A ridiculously complete
 TV site.

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Feeling Retro?  TV, Toys, Food and Drink, Here's the site for you.  .
Feeling Retro Dot Com

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A site of Clean Humor .
Sound impossible? No, it's not.  Check this site out for family friendly amusement

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bluebul.gif - 266 BytesNew and improved This Day in History--The Time Capsule updated daily.  Get it Monday through Friday--even when I'm on vacation. 

bluebul.gif - 266 BytesCheck out the--Showbiz Scene--updated daily.  Includes Hollywood Box Office. 

bluebul.gif - 266 Bytes Check out the strange things going on in the wild world of Law & Disorder updated weekly. It's not always pleasant, so be forewarned.

bluebul.gif - 266 BytesCheck out the wild world of animals at the Animal Press.

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Check out the very playful Fun & Games For Playful Brains.

bluebul.gif - 266 BytesYou've known it all along.  There are lots of Dumb Laws Find out just how dumb.

bluebul.gif - 266 BytesWhat's the latest scoop (well...uh....dirt) on Portland Radio?  Find out.
They even tell you about those other stations.


It's not for everyone, but it sure is wierd... Click to link to News Of The Weird.

More Fun Stuff

bluebul.gif - 266 Bytes  Link to Kids-in-Mind Movie Reviews. This site gives you an accurate and concise reading of the amounts of sex, violence and profanity in current and recent movies and gives a thumbnail sketch of the issues each film deals with.  Does not pass moral judgement, but allows you to decide for yourself.  This could be of help to you in deciding what movies are appropriate for your children to see, especially when coupled with the Movie Guide listings in each weeks Oregonian A&E.

 bluebul.gif - 266 Bytes Funny stuff!!!  Yes it's funny.  You know this because I told you so.  Retrieve previously posted nifty features at Mike's Radio Archives. Includes Funny Newspaper Headlines, Bank Protest Letter and Amazing Picture Generator.  Remember, this stuff is all really funny.  (Please note that no guarantee is meant to be stated or otherwise implied that any of this stuff is absolutely, ribsplittingly funny.)

bluebul.gif - 266 BytesPlus, click here to check out Mike's GUARANTEED TIMEWASTER LINKS!! Tons of fun for idle minds, including the riveting Alien Disco, the wildly Bizzarre Clock, All the dance pages (including Hamsterdance) currently on the internet and a Leisure Suit Party that YOU can attend. 

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