Mike's Suggested Boffo Links you love to hate!

bluebul.gif - 266 BytesUseless knowledge Site.  Get connected to the latest thing in absolutely useless information courtesy of K103 listener Zeno Kepecky.  Click here to take you to Useless Knowledge Dot Com.  It strives for the same goals as does this page.
Butterflies So cutesy-pie I almost didn't include it.
Bubble Wrap Every gotten hung up popping the bubbles in bubble wrap? Have at it!
Bizzarre Clock (Courtesy of K103's Steve Naganuma)
Now, all of those whacky internet dance pages like Hamsterdance have a central links page.  Check  them all out by clicking Nutty Sites.
bluebul.gif - 266 BytesOK, if you're still into dancing animals, try The Crockodile Rock .
Think you can stare down Sally? CLick Here. You can do it in a blink.
Amazing Card Trick! You won't believe it, but it's true. Click here for Mind Reading by a computer! Strange But True (Speaks for itself.)
Leisure Suit Party (Yes, you can attend a leisure suit party!)
Learn all about Bad Fads and how some of them are your favorite things.
bluebul.gif - 266 BytesPlay with the Soda Constructor....it's mindboggling.  At least it boggles my mind, but that may not be a true test.  Contributed by D.I. Fuller.
bluebul.gif - 266 BytesShades of the 60s, your very own online kalidescope.  Contributed by K103 listener Sue Collins.

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