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 Mr. Winkle   Pretty cool, huh.  Now, if you haven't checked out Mr. Winkle, do so.  He's tiny and he's cute and Dana Jeffries wants you to visit him at his home page.  Click here  or for the full experience, click on Mr. Winkle's paw at right, to visit him.  Tell Mr. Winkle that K103 sent you.  Link to Mr. Winkle 

Go directly to see Mike's cute kittie, doggies and fish.  Click on Gypsy's nose at right.

Gimme a kiss!

Hotdog anyone?
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Contributed by SGRPHOTO

Find travel accommodations that welcome your pet.  At Petswelcome

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bluebul.gif - 266 BytesCheck out the wild world of animals at the Animal Press.

Go check out classicDog-Owner Look-a-likes.

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Go visit the Oregon Humane Society  online.  Then drop by and visit 'em at the shelter, especially if you want to give one of those cute little animals a home.

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and see Mike's Mom. 
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