Mike's Museum
The Irwin Allen Zone

Aurora FLying Sub, original release, 1966.

Lunar & Aurora Seaviews, Flying Sub, various bric-a-brac

Welcome to Mike's museum.  Shown on this page is a small part of my Voyage
and Irwin Allen collection.  Lots more to come.  Much of what is not shown consists
 of magazines, posters, art-work, film cells and the like. 
The angle below is a bit more dramatic.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea collection

Seaview Soundings Magazine and Voyage Models.

Built-out interior, internally lit Lunar Models Seaview, movie version.

If only there had been more Seaview
Soundings--but hats off to Frederick L Barr
for putting out as many as he did.and for
his work on other Voyage projects



Proof positive that my Lunar movie version
has a built-out interior and is lit.  I'm
not good enough with a computer to insert
the Admiral, the spiral staircase, and all that
other stuff, much of which is unseen, in there.


Complete Gold Key Collection

More Voyage bric-a-brac

A rag-tag representation of Mike's
complete collection of Gold Key Voyage
comics.  The writing is bad, but by gosh,
I wouldn't trade 'em for anything.

I wish to heaven I had known about the complete Remco
voyage toy kit--the one with the octopus and the undersea
crawler..  I'd have gotten it instead of the lesser package that
included only the Seaview. 

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