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Aurora FLying Sub, original release, 1966.

  Robots Redux! 

Robots Redux.  And there are still
so many versions of the LIS robot to acquire.

Lost in the corner of the room

Above, a small sample of a Lost in
Space collection which may eventually
be incorporated into a Mike's Lost In
Space Zone

museum_museum.jpg - 17594 Bytes
Land of the Giants (not to be confused with WOG)

bluebul_rotated_up.gif - 861 Bytes I still regret the loss of my Land of the Giants
(with snake) tableau in a hasty move back in the

70s.  Perhaps Polar Lights or Ebay will be able
to fix this situation someday.
bluebul_reversed.gif - 877 Bytes At left, a portion of a lithograph I discovered
hanging in the Louvre (yes, THE Louvre) while
"doing Europe" back in 1978.

Best damn book I ever read!

The author of the recent Voyage
to the Bottom of the Sea fanfiction
novel, The Nemesis Syndrome,
stuggles with the object of his effort
and affection, trying to figure out
just what it was he meant in "that
Actually, the lame brain at left  
thinks that if you're a Voyage fan, 
(and enjoy science fiction), you just

might like the book.  Perhaps, after
it is rewritten, it will findits way back
into print.


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