Mike's Museum--
the ugly truth.

The North Wall.

Mike's Museum North Wall

Mike's Museum North Wall


               This is the first page of Mike's Museum photos.  All of the pictures on this page are of or from one wall of the room.  The remaining walls will be documented in the near future when the owner's wife feels it's safe for him to go back into the room. Above is a partial composite shot of the north wall.  Below are closeup shots of select segments of the junk shown above.  TV and movies represented include Gerry Anderson's Space 1999, UFO, and Thuderbirds as well as Yellow Submarine, Captain Midnight, Superman, 2001 and the brilliant for it's time Men Into Space.  Yes, that's an original Colonel Ed McCauly space helmet from the Ziv Production at right above.  Check out the larger view of it below.                

That's an autographed photo of astronaut Alan Bean next to Colonel McCauley's helmet.    Produced in cooperation with
the Space Administration,
Men Into Space aired from
September 1959 to Sept 1960. 
But back in those days, one
season of shows meant a run
of 39 episodes, rather than the
20 or 22 you get today.  Men
Into Space often featured
brilliant (at least for their time)
special effects.  And astoundingly,
the visuals were usually germain
to the story, rather than being
thrown in just for flash. 

seaQuest DSV, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea for the 90s.
Steven Spielberg made no bones about the fact that seaQuest was intended
as a Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea for The 90s.  In many ways, it was
very successful, but of course, the submarine just couldn't cut muster
next to Seaview.

Classic design spaceships--gotta love 'em. Of Martians, moonmen and apes.

The spaceships pictured above were all
released in the 50s and sixties by Monogram,
and have in recent years been re released by
Glencoe.  The original Mongram castings
were used to recreate the line.  Pretty darn
hot stuff


Items pictured above include the1974
Space 1999 lunch bucket and a recreation
of the Martian war machine from War of
the Worlds.  King Kong looks on to make
sure that no one walks off with the metal toy

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