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The North Wall--page 2

We all live . . . where?

Feelin' mean and blue

Of course there's yellow submarine stuff.  The box of Topps Trading Cards contains
several complete sets of the 1966 TV release of the George Reeves version of Superman. 

Potpourri of space vehicles.

Moonbase Alpha, Gerry Anderson's Space 1999

Gerry Andersn vehicles--Thunderbirds, UFO, Stingray

It was hard to be a kid and not be a big fan of Gerry Anderson's
efforts in the realm of fantastic television.  I first got hooked on
Supercar and then just followed along into Fireball XL5, Thunderbirds,
Stingray, UFO, Space 1999, Space Police and the rest of his shows.

    Pull-string talking Mickeky and friends.

Have you gotten the impression I'm a sucker for toys?  More to come soon.
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