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The Lunar Models Seaview can only be recommended for experience model builders.  It is also one of the less accurate Seaview models, certainly unable to hold a candle to the somewhat flawed, but far superior Monsters in motion version.   If you're dead-serious about owning various versions of Seaview, then you'll want to have one.  Unless you excel at modeling, don't even think about building the TV version.  It's a conversion kit as seen below. bluebul.gif_large_down.gif - 992 Bytes  

model_lunar_seaveiw_official.jpg - 7621 Bytes

Lunar Models Box Art

Masterpiece Models Box Art  
Masterpiece Models makes a solid-cast resin model of Seaview based on the Aurora version.  Masteripiece has retooled the front end of the model to reflect the four-port color season version of Seaview, and for the price, it's OK.  Being solid cast, you have to paint the forward ports on in a solid color.
You'll probably want to sand down the protrud-ing sonar bumps as they protrude just a wee bit too much. 
bluebul_reversed.gif - 362 BytesMasterpiece Models Box Art
 model_masterpiece_seaview.jpg - 3609 Bytes 

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